Compression of berry-like cell between two plates - role of internal stress
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Czech Agricultural University, 165 21 Prague - Suchdol, Czech Republic
Int. Agrophys. 1996, 10(2): 89-95
A simple model describing the compression of a round object covered by a membrane and filled to different levels with a liquid (berry-like cell), has been proposed. The radius of contact area is approximately proportional to the relative compression of the model object. For low compression levels the relationship between compression force and the relative compression can be expressed by a power equation. The parameters of the power equation strongly depend on the filling level of the model object. The multiplicative parameter has a total minimum when the filling ratio equals 1 and in the same case a maximum for the exponent (n') of the relation is usually observed. Asymptotic values of the exponent are 2 (for high values of the filling ratio) and 1 (for low values of the filling ratio). The values of the exponent n' given by the model are approximately the same as values experimentally determined for compression of berry-like fruits between two plates.
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