Genetic conditionings of the quality of grain of new lines of Triticum durum Desf.
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Department of Chemistry, University of Agriculture,Akademicka 15, 20-934 Lublin, Poland
Institute of Genetics and Plant Breeding, University of Agriculture,Akademicka 15, 20-934 Lublin, Poland
Int. Agrophys. 2005, 19(2): 147-152
. Kernels of 6 new lines of durum wheat cultivated in the climatic and soil conditions of the Lublin region were studied in detail with respect to their physico-chemical and technological characteristics. The analyzed lines were characterized by high values of the hardness index ranging from 82.2 to 86.9 and high gluten percentage – more than 36.2%. The values for the falling number for lines LGR 900/3a, LGR 1359/8, LGR 899/62a and LGR 8/780/90 were favourable and they ranged between 400 and 350 s. Analysis of gliadin subunits (A-PAGE) showed high polymorphism of these proteins and the presence of subunits 45-g and 42-g occurring with varying frequency in the studied lines. Identification of high molecular weight glutenins (SDS-PAGE) pointed to average values of the coefficient Glu-1. Kernels of lines LGR 896/64a, LGR 896/23 and LGR 8/780/90 had the same composition of HMW glutenins on 1B 7+8. An evaluation of the grains of the new lines indicates their good adjustment to the agroclimatic conditions and possibility of further cultivation of durum wheat.
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