Influence of applying compost from municipal wastes on some physical properties of the soil
E. Jamroz 1,   J. Drozd 1
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Institute of Soil Science and Agricultural Environment Protection, Agricultural University of Wrocław, Grunwaldzka 53, 50-357 Wrocław, Poland
Acceptance date: 1998-02-23
Int. Agrophys. 1999, 13(2): 167–170
Influence of compost from municipal wastes (MSWC), used as a fertilizer, on some physico- chemical and physical properties of the soil such as: pHKCl, total porosity, bulk density, specific density, water retention at pF 2.54 of field water capacity as well as pF range of 1.0 - 2.9, is presented in the paper. The paper is part of a general project analysing the possibility of using compost from municipal wastes in horticulture.