Influence of moisture content and number of mechanical impacts, upon the energy and sprouting capacity of wheat grains
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Department of Machine Design, University of Agriculture, Balicka 104,30-149 Cracow, Poland
Acceptance date: 1997-12-11
Int. Agrophys. 1998, 12(2): 97-101
The most frequent reason for the damage inflicted on cereal grains results from the shock and mechanical impact of harvesting, cleaning and transport. The characteristic of these processes of that the applied forces is operate in a relatively short time and change in an unpredictable way. The present research aims to define the impact of multiple loads and the moisture content of wheat grains upon the change in its biological value assessed through the energy and force of germination. The simulation of loads was performed in a specially constructed impact unit, using the elastic deformation energy of a spring. The grains where hit, successively 1, 5, 10, 15, 20,25 and 30 times are subjected to a germination test. The research shows a statistically significant influence of moisture content and multiple mechanic impacts upon the biological value of wheat grains subjected to dynamic loads. The implemented regression analysis shows the highest decline of biological value in the interval 1 to 20 impacts. The harvesting and post-harvest processing of wheat grains ought to be effected at a moisture content level below 18%.
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