Nitrates(V) in loess soils modified by weather conditions (preliminary data of a model experiment)
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Institute of Environmental Protection Engineering, University of Technology, Lublin, Nadbystrzycka 40a, 20-618 Lublin, Poland
Environmental Protection Institute, Catholic University of Lublin, Kraśnicka 102, 20-718 Lublin, Poland
Institute of Agrophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Doświadczalna 4, 20-290 Lublin 27, Poland
Int. Agrophys. 2007, 21(1): 55-59
In a model experiment (anaerobiosis) with full saturation of soil samples with water and their incubation at 5, 10 and 20°C during 0-60 days, nitrates(V) concentration in soil solution, Eh and pH in soil sediment were determined. For the investigations 12 samples from loess soils representing surface-humus horizons were taken from various parts of 4 eroded slopes in a small river catchment near Lublin, Poland. Differentiation in nitrates concentrations in the range of 0-1.563 mg dm-3 was found, depending on the temperature and time of soil sample incubation, and also on the place of sampling along the catchment and on the slope.
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