Seed equilibrium moisture curves, water binding and its relationship with thermodynamic magnitudes
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Institute of Fundamental Research on Tropical Agriculture ‘Alexander von Humboldt’, Calle 2 esq. 1 Santiago de Las Vegas, Boyeros CP17200 Havana, Cuba
Int. Agrophys. 2010, 24(3): 313-320
Seed equilibrium moisture content values for soybean cv. Incasoy-24, drybean cv. CC25-9 negro, maize cv. P-7928), cabbage cv. Georgia L-9, tomato cv. Cambell 28-V, lettuce cv. GR-30, carrot cv. P-29 and pepper cv. Chay L-3 were obtained using saturated salt solutions in desiccators. Data were fitted through three hygroscopic models: D’Arcy-Watt (DAW), Socorro (SOC) and Henderson-Thompson (HTH). The parameters of the SOC and DAW equations were obtained at a temperature range between 10 to 45C using the association with HTH model. From these data, the enthalpy and Gibbs free energy were also calculated. Results demonstrated that the three models shown may be used for fitting seed moisture content curves with high dependability. The simulation by HTH model showed an incidence of seed moisture content on Gibbs free energy more than temperature, which could be related to the dependence of viability with these non-biotic factors during gene bank conservation.
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