Studies of meteorological factors influence upon air agrophysical characteristics in canopy on the base of physical and mathematical simulation
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Agrophysical Research Institute, Department of Magnetobiology, 14 Grazhdansky Prospect, St-Petersburg, 195220, Russia
Publication date: 2021-06-28
Int. Agrophys. 1994, 8(1): 59-64
Energy- and mass transfer processes in the 'soil-plant-air' system determine in great degree agrocenosis functioning and agricultural crop yields formation. Theoretical and experimental investigations of these processes are rather difficult, since their intensity and characteristics depend on the motion of energy- and mass carriers. Carrying out natural full factorial experiments, based on theoretical investigations, is laborious and practically non-reproducible because of sporadic character of the weather conditions. Laboratory physical methods of simulation energy- and mass transfer processes in 'soil-plant-air' system permits to repeat experiments many times with high degree of reproduction and visualization. Such methods give the possibility to verify and identify mathematical models, to obtain for their structure a priori information on whirlwinds formation, regular structures existence, motion kinds, space arrangement of boundaries of media and motion bifurcal values of parameters, determining the energy-mass streams structure. The report also concerns the problems of the applications of the hydraulic analogy, based on magnetohydrodynamic effects generation in water solution electrolytes, for the purposes of simulation of wind interaction process in floral zones. The report contains the description of the mathematical model under discussion, numeric analysis, the laboratory experiment technique and physical simulation results.
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