Study of structural changes in the cells of the stimulated seed sprouts
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Lviv National Agrarian University, 80381, Lviv region, Dudliany, V. Velykyy 1, Ukraine
Publication date: 2016-10-18
Int. Agrophys. 2016, 30(4): 545-550
The paper emphasises that one of the easiest and effective methods of pre-treatment of seed is by industrial electrical power frequency. In order to select the most effective treatment regime it is necessary to reveal the mechanism of the impact of electromagnetic fields on biological structures, including plants. In this regard, electron microscopy studies at the cellular level of seedlings of perennial ryegrass seed treated with electric field corona discharge were conducted. It was found that in seedlings of treated seeds the intracellular organisation of the plant varies, resulting in changes during cell division. This is apparently due to a reduction in interphase, including S-phase, resulting in disrupted normal DNA synthesis, chromatin formation and, consequently, the collection of chromosomes. As a result, the cell division is faster, which leads to increased sowing quality of seeds of studied plants. While maintaining the characteristics of the studied cell division of seedling seed which was subjected to electrical stimulation, there is the prospect of a significant increase of seed germination of ryegrass in the future generations.
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