The effect of crop rotation on the stability of soil aggregate
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Faculty of Horticulture, University of Agriculture, Leszczyńskiego 58, 20-068 Lublin, Poland
Publication date: 2021-06-28
Int. Agrophys. 1994, 8(1): 81-86
Aggregation of soil lessive developed from loess and water resistance of soil aggregates were determined in the fields of grain crops rotation (without farmyard manure), vegetable rotation (manure applied every other year) and also in herbicide and grass strips in apple orchard. Different land utilization system were maintained for more than 20 years. The most advantageous effect on soil structure expressed as the greatest contribution of water resistant aggregates and of aggregates of agricultural value was under grass strips. Different agrotechnics used in the fields of grain crop or vegetable rotations did not affect significantly the water resistance of soil aggregates.
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