Traction properties of the wheel-turfy soil system
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Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Chełmońskiego 37/41, 51-630 Wrocław, Poland
Int. Agrophys. 2010, 24(4): 343-350
An analysis of the traction properties of tyre size 9.5-24, with non-skid chains and without, on turfy ground of various levels of compaction are shown. The authors present the effect of packing on changes in the physical, mechanical and traction properties of the analyzed subsoils and determine the effect of loading of the wheel system and of installing anti-skid chains on the tyres on the traction properties under analysis. It was found that increase in the level of soil packing or compaction causes an increase in the traction value of a turfy soil. Increased level of soil compaction was conducive to the obtainment of higher values of traction forces and efficiency at lower levels of wheel skid. The values of traction force generated by the studied wheels on soil with the highest level of compaction (4 PU) were even 75% higher with relation to those obtained on non-compacted soil. The authors demonstrated that the application of chains on the tyres is an effective method of improving the traction properties of the wheel system as it contributes to an increase in the values of traction forces and efficiency and to improved grip.
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