Accurate measurements and establishment of a model of the mechanical properties of dried corn kernels
Yi Jin 1
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Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Jilin University, Changchun, China
Acceptance date: 2018-12-11
Publication date: 2019-07-19
Int. Agrophys. 2019, 33(3): 373-381
Mechanical drying significantly affects the mechanical properties of corn kernels. Improper drying may result in material losses and in a decline in quality due to pressure, collisions, and other factors during subsequent storage and transport operations. A literature survey revealed that at time of writing the characteristics of dried corn kernels have not been systematically and fully studied. In this paper, an orthogonal rotation combination test scheme was designed. Using a multiparameter controllable thin layer drying test bench, corn was dried under different conditions (temperature 30-60°C, relative humidity 30-60%, air velocity 0.46-0.94 m s–1, initial moisture content of corn of 20-30% w.b., tempering ratio 0-3). Then, a texture analyser was used to measure the mechanical properties (rupture force, rupture energy, modulus of elasticity and brittleness) of the dried corn kernels. Relationship models were established for the rupture force, rupture energy, modulus of elasticity and brittleness and drying conditions of corn kernels. An increase in the drying temperature from 30 to 60°C increased the rupture energy, elastic modulus, and brittleness of the corn kernels by 19.11, 11.76, and 4.02%, respectively; an increase in the drying relative humidity from 30 to 60% increased the rupture force, energy, modulus of elasticity and brittleness by 15.07, 13.74, 20.73, and 3.31%, respectively.
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