Detection of the entrance of Lugol’s solution into the aleurone layer during germination
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Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Physics, Kamýcká 129, 165 00 Prague 6 - Suchdol, Czech Republic
Acceptance date: 2019-03-06
Publication date: 2019-07-19
Int. Agrophys. 2019, 33(3): 383-388
The movement of water into dry kernels is a critical step in germination, preharvest sprouting, and in the expression of dormancy. The soaking of kernels in Lugol’s solution allows for water uptake visualization by staining the cellular membranes and starch tissue. It is possible to recognize a stained aleurone layer during germination via image analysis (without cutting). A new method for the detection of Lugol’s solution in the aleurone layer of four wheat varieties is presented. The first entrance of the solution into the aleurone layer was detected. The rate at which the solution spread through the aleurone layer was also demonstrated. It was determined that the initial entrance time of the solution into the aleurone layer was different for the individual varieties (1.5-6 h) whereas the rate at which it spread in the aleurone layer was similar for the tested varieties and takes approximately 0.2-0.35 mm h-1. It was established that there is a close correlation between the solution speed in the aleurone layer and the mass increase during solution uptake for 3 out of 4 varieties.
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