Effect of moisture content of cereal grains layer on pressure distribution on silo wall
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Department of Food Engineering and Machinery.University of Agriculture, Doświadczalna 44,20-236 Lublin, Poland
Acceptance date: 1997-12-09
Int. Agrophys. 1998, 12(3): 199-204
The paper presents the results of measurements of silo wall pressure during the storage of yheat, barley and oats grain. The study was conducted on a ;st station. The test silo was filled with two layers of grain f different moisture content levels. The difference in the rain moisture content caused moisture diffusion and grain welling, the result of which was an increase in grain ressure against the silo wall. It was found that the value of ic initial wall pressure and its increase was related to the ype of cereal (its physical properties), the moisture content if the grain layers, and the duration of storage. The greatest icrease in the value of silo wall pressure was obtained for fheat (in the boundary layer the increase was 2.24-fold over 0 days with bottom layer moisture content of 16% and ipper layer moisture of 7%), and the smallest one for oats 1.87-fold). The changes in the values of the silo wall iressure were described by means of regression equations.
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