Effects of irrigation and planting patterns on photosynthetic capacity and grain quality of winter wheat
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National Demonstration Centre for Experimental Plant Science Education, Agricultural College of Guangxi University, Nanning 530004, China
Acceptance date: 2019-04-30
Publication date: 2019-07-18
Int. Agrophys. 2019, 33(3): 313-321
With the shortage of water resources in recent years, water has become an important factor that limits the photosynthetic capacity and grain quality of winter wheat in the North China Plain. The experiment was conducted in 2011-2014, and the design of the two-factor split-plot was adopted, with three irrigation levels (0, 90, and 180 mm) for the main plot and three planting patterns (single-single row, single-double row, double-double row) for the subplot. The chlorophyll content index, net photosynthetic rate, and dry matter weight of winter wheat at different growth stages were measured, and the quality parameters of the grain were also measured after the harvest. The result indicated that irrigation increased the chlorophyll content index, net photosynthetic rate, grain protein, coarse starch and whiteness, which were favourable for producing dry matter and for seed formation. The chlorophyll content index, net photosynthetic rate, dry matter weight and gluten index of double-double row were higher than those of single-single row. Therefore, the 90 mm irrigation combined with the double-double row planting pattern is a good agronomic practice for winter wheat production, and beneficial for the improvement of flour quality in the North China Plain.
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