Extraction and characterization of seed oils
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Department of Science Laboratory Technology, Ramat Polytechnic, Maiduguri, Nigeria
Int. Agrophys. 2008, 22(2): 139-142
All the seeds examined in this project have been shown to contain varying levels of oils, mainly in the range of 26-42%, with the exception of Detarium microcarpum which contains about 7% of oils. Characterization of the oils by standard techniques suggest that they contain high levels of saturated fatly acids, judging by their low iodine values (IV) which did not exceed 88 in all cases. They are, hence, not suitable as alkyd resins for paint formulation but may, however, be used for soap production judging by their high saponification values (SV) in the range of 199-261. Lophira lanceolata showed considerable reduction in IV and increase in PV over a period of one month under storage conditions of light, darkness and refrigeration. In light, the IV value of 65 dropped by 50% at the end of one month, while under the same conditions the PV increased by almost tenfold. Less profound changes in both IV and PV were observed for oil stored in darkness and under refrigeration. The observed profound changes were explained as arising from oxidative rancidity of the oils. The nutritional non-oil residue of Lophira lanceolata may be suitable as animal feed judging by the balance of its nutrient composition.
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