Influence of corona wind on the convective wheat grain drying course
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Department of General Electrotechnology, Technical University of Lublin, Nadbystrzycka 38a, 20-618 Lublin, Poland
Acceptance date: 2000-11-21
Int. Agrophys. 2001, 15(2): 125-129
The convective drying process is widely used despite its very low efficiency. For this reason there are studies searching for a better drying method or agents, which can increase process efficiency. The electric field and accompanying phenomena seem to be the agents that can change the convective drying course. This paper presents test results on convective drying of wheat grain in the electric field and in the ionic (corona) wind. These phenomena accompanying an electric field, can generate electrostriction forces in the drying material (it can cause deformations inside grain) or change heat and mass transfer between the grain surface and the drying medium (the ionic wind). The present study was carried out using an experimental test stand. The test stand allows to generate corona wind with a controlled corona current at constant values of the electric field intensity. Air velocity and temperature were fully stabilised, too. The measurement and recording processes were automated using a personal computer. Comparison between various drying courses recorded, allow to find an electric agent changing convection drying course.
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