Moisture content monitoring of cigar leaves during drying based on a Convolutional Neural Network
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Agriculture College, Sichuan Agricultural University, 611130 Chengdu, China
Sichuan Provincial Tobacco Company Dazhou Branch, 635000 Dazhou, China
Sichuan Provincial Tobacco Company Deyang Branch, 618400 Deyang, China
Sichuan Provincial Tobacco Company, 610017 Chengdu, China
Final revision date: 2023-04-17
Acceptance date: 2023-04-27
Publication date: 2023-06-24
Corresponding author
Zeng Shuhua   

Agricultural College, Sichuan Agricultural University, 四川成都, 000000, 四川成都, China
Int. Agrophys. 2023, 37(3): 225-234
  • Convolution neural network (CNN) method was proposed.
  • The CNN model was trained to learn the relationship between images and the corresponding moisture content using the extracted color, shape, and texture features as the input.
  • The results demonstrated that the estimated value of CNN agreed with the predicted value; the R2 was 0.9044, and the average accuracy was 87.34 %.
The moisture content of cigar leaves during drying is an important indicator for controlling the management of drying rooms. At present, the determination of cigar leaf moisture content is mainly dependent on traditional destructive detection methods, which are inefficient and damaging to plants. In this study, a Convolution Neural Network method consisting of digital images for monitoring the moisture content of cigar leaves during the drying process was proposed. In this study, the Convolution Neural Network model was trained to learn the relationship between the images and the corresponding moisture content using the extracted colour, shape, and texture features as input factors. In order to compare the Convolution Neural Network estimation results, a widely used traditional machine learning algorithm was applied. The results demonstrated that the estimated value of Convolution Neural Network agreed with the predicted value; the R2 was 0.9044, and the average accuracy was 87.34%. These results were better than those produced by traditional machine learning methods. The generalization test of the proposed method was conducted using varieties of cigar leaves in other drying rooms. The results showed that Convolution Neural Network is a viable method for an accurate estimation of the moisture content, the R2 was 0.8673 and the average accuracy was 86.81%. The Convolution Neural Network established by the features extracted from digital images could accurately estimate the moisture content of cigar leaves during drying and was therefore shown to be an effective monitoring tool.
This work was supported by a grant [SCYC202121] (2021-2024) from the China National Tobacco Corporation Sichuan Branch
The Authors declare they have no conflict of interest.
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