Prediction of apple bruising based on the instantaneous impact shear stress and energy absorbed
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Faculty of Agriculture, Bengkulu University, Jin. Raya Kandang Limun, Bengkulu, Indonesia
INRA, Laboratoire de Methodes Physiques d'Etude, Site Agroparc, Domaine Saint Paul, F 84914 Avignon Cedex 9, France
Acceptance date: 1997-02-26
Int. Agrophys. 1998, 12(2): 133-140
Instantaneous impact shear stress together with the instantaneous energy absorbed were used to predict bruise volume in Golden Delicious apple. The prediction produced a linear relation between the predicted bruise volumes and the measured bruise volumes with a factor of proportionality (K) 1.08 and a coefficient of correlation (R) 0.949. Both the instantaneous impact shear stress and energy absorbed decreased during storage of the fruit, but the value of K was relatively constant. The value of K was also relatively constant for the impact with small drop heights, but it slightly increased with the variation of fruit mass.
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