Stimulation of Pinus tropicalis M. seeds by magnetically treated water
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Institute of Forest Research, Calle 174 # 1723 / 17b y 17c. Reparto Siboney, Playa, Ciudad Habana, Cuba
Department of Physics, University of Pinar del Rio. Marti 270, Esq. 27 de Noviembre, Pinar del Rio, Cuba
Company of Electronic Components, "Ernesto Ché Guevara". Ave. Borrego, Pinar del Río, Cuba
Int. Agrophys. 2007, 21(2): 173-177
Magnetically treated water (MTW) was used to stimulate the germination process of Pinus tropicalis M. seeds. This species of Pinus is an endemic of the western part of Cuba and at present is threatened due to a visible decrease that has been detected in its populations. The main cause of this decrease is the low seedling production at nurseries, since the germination percentage of this species rarely exceeds 50%. To carry out our work, normal water (water + ions) was treated using 1200 G isotropic strontium magnets. This was done in two forms: statically and dynamically. The MTW was applied to the samples as irrigation water and as water for imbibition during 24 h. The results showed an increase in the germination percentage up to 70-81% with respect to the control samples (43%) as well as greater seedling growth after germination. The best results were obtained while the treated water was applied dynamically and statically with initial inbibition. In this last case the germination percentages reached 81%, which represents an increase of 88 % compared to the control samples (43%).
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