Sustainable laser technology for the control of organisms and microorganisms in agri-food systems: a review
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Postgraduate Programme in Systems Engineering-Biophysical Systems, National Polytechnic Institute, Av. Instituto Politécnico Nacional, 07738, Ciudad de México, México
Physics Department, Autonomy University of Zacatecas, A.P. 580, Zacatecas, Mexico
Physics Department, Cinvestav-IPN, A.P. 14-740. 07360, Mexico City, Mexico
LIMMS, CNRS-IIS UMI 2820, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, 153-8505, Japan
UNIGRAS, CAT, FES-Cuautitlán, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Av. J. Jiménez Cantú s/n. 54729 Mexico
Final revision date: 2023-12-11
Acceptance date: 2023-12-22
Publication date: 2024-02-06
Corresponding author
Claudia Hernandez-Aguilar   

ESIME-ZACATENCO- SEPI- POSGRADO EN INGENIERIA DE SISTEMAS- GRUPO DE SISTEMAS BIOFISICOS, Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Av. Instituto Politecnico Nacional, C. P. 07738, Ciudad de México, Mexico
Int. Agrophys. 2024, 38(1): 87-119
  • The sustainable development of agri-food systems is possible with the use of the application of laser light technology.
  • The effectiveness of laser light treatments in agri-food systems reduces different pests.
  • There is a great control effect on microorganisms, viruses and fungi with different lasers of different wavelengths.
We review the literature concerning the effects of laser light on organisms (insects) and microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi) present in agri-food systems. The evidence obtained shows that 1) Laser light is a sustainable technology that can be applied as a pesticide with the ability to annihilate and control insects. Higher annihilation rates are observed for more pigmented products, as determined by their thermal and optical properties. 2) The most frequently used laser beams to eliminate bacteria harmful to human health operate with a steady intensity in the visible domain (blue, green, and red light). 3) Laser beams are applied to control fungi (the most studied microorganism), viruses, as well as to increase plant resistance to them. Lasers with red beams, such as those emitted by He-Ne lasers, followed by diode lasers are most frequently reported in fungal control. Furthermore, antibacterial, and germicidal effects are increased by using photosensitizers. Finally, 4) laser light potentiates the metabolites and antimicrobial activity of some plants thereby improving their activity. Agri-food systems treated with laser beams have the potential to improve the quality of life of society.
The authors declare no conflict of interest.
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