Potato damage test. Comparison of two measurement methods
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Department of Agriculture Mechanization and Energy, University of Agriculture, Nowoursynowska 166, 02-766 Warsaw, Poland
Publication date: 2021-08-20
Int. Agrophys. 1994, 8(3): 537-538
Impact damage to potato tuber on harvest and handling is very important, cause the losses in storage and decrease tuber quality. Result of potato tuber resistance to impact damage depends on test method. Research was done with two pendulum, solid and elastic keeping of potato tuber, with computer record of absorbed energy. Test parameters: impact velocity 2.3 m/s, impact energy 0.3 J, diameter of impact head 10 mm. Three potato varieties where used two times (December, January) to impact test. A significant correlation was found between absorbed energy and shatter index on pendulum with solid keeping.
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