Effect of drop treatment on potato tuber damage and kinematic characteristics of the sieve rod
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College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, China
Final revision date: 2023-07-15
Acceptance date: 2023-07-18
Publication date: 2023-09-28
Corresponding author
Shengshi Xie   

College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, China
Int. Agrophys. 2023, 37(4): 377-389
  • It investigated the influence of the mandatory vibrations caused by potato drop collisions under different test factors on the kinematic characteristics parameters of the sieve rod, the effect of mandatory vibrations of the sieve rod on potato damage volume under different test factors, the correlation between kinematic characteristics parameters of the sieve rod and potato damage volume
In order to address the problem of potato damage caused by the tubers dropping onto a separating sieve, this study utilized a potato drop test rig to conduct a single-factor drop test on fresh potatoes. The kinematic characteristics of the sieve rod (acceleration peak, velocity peak, displacement peak), the variation in potato damage, and the correlation between the two were analysed under different experimental conditions. The following conclusions were drawn: As the dropping height increases, both the kinematic characteristic parameters of the sieve rod and the volume of damage increase, it was found that the two are positively correlated. As the potato mass increases, the kinematic characteristic parameters of the sieve rod decrease, and the volume of damage increases, it was found that the two are negatively correlated. When potatoes are dropped vertically along different axial positions, the kinematic characteristic parameters of the sieve rod follow the order of the x-axis direction < y-axis direction < z-axis direction, while the volume of damage follows the order of the x-axis direction > y-axis direction > z-axis direction, it was found that the two are negatively correlated. As the sieve surface inclination increases, both the kinematic characteristic parameters of the sieve rod and the volume of damage first increase and then decrease, it was found that the two are positively correlated. When the potato variety is changed, the kinematic characteristic parameter ranking of the sieve rod is Jizhangshu 12 > Holland 15 > Holland 14 > Svante > Xuechuanhong, while the damage volume ranking is Holland 15 > Svante > Jizhangshu 12 > Holland 14 > Xuechuanhong, it was found that the two rankings are unrelated. The results of this study provide a data basis and technical support for future research concerning the mechanical damage mechanism of potatoes.
This work was supported by the Interdisciplinary Research Fund of Inner Mongolia Agricultural University (BR231505, 2023-2026), the National Natural Science Fund of China (31901409, 2020-2022), the Natural Science Foundation of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China (2019BS05013, 2019-2021; 2022MS05027, 2022-2024)), and the Programme for Improving the Scientific Research Ability of Youth Teachers of Inner Mongolia Agricultural University (BR220127, 2022-2025) for developing the research.
The authors declare no conflict of interest.
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