Relationships between some soil properties and growth indexes in plum and apple trees within the hilly regions of Romania
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Fruit Research Institute, 0312 Pitesti-Maracineni, Romania
Ovidius University, B-dul Mamaia, No. 124, 8700 Constanta, Romania
Int. Agrophys. 2003, 17(4): 183-190
Investigations were carried out in an expeditionary regime under various soil, climate, and tree-age conditions in the hilly regions possessing plum tree and apple tree orchards from this country. The climate zone is temperate having a continental character in the eastern regions and an oceanic character in the western regions of Romania. Soil analyses were performed on the soil genetic horizons regarding the main soil physical and chemical properties: particle size distribution, bulk density, resistance to penetration, gley or surface gley intensity, humus content, pH, etc. Plant analyses consisted of measurements on the principal tree growth parameters: total tree root frequency and tree trunk and tree root crossectional area. Afterwards, the root distribution index and the real tree diameter as well as the conventional age tree trunk diameter were calculated. Significant correlations were found between some tree growth parameters on the one hand and some soil properties on the other hand. The correlations that were found between the various soil properties and tree parameters could allow us to better understand the process of nutrition and fruit bearing for plum and apple trees under different ecological conditions met in the hilly regions of this country. The results obtained here contributed to a better knowledge of the soil-plant relationships and could be utilized in the zoning of plum tree and apple tree crops along with soil management systems in orchards.
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