Effect of modified atmosphere packaging on the preservation of strawberry and the extension of its shelf-life
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School of Food Science and Technology, Southern Yangzte University, Wuxi 214036, China
Zhejiang Haitong Food Group Co. LTD, Zhejiang Ningbo 315300, China
Agriculture, Aquatic Systems and Engineering Program, Asian Institute of Technology, Pathumthani 12120, Thailand
Int. Agrophys. 2004, 18(2): 195-201
The impact of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) with low oxygen & high carbon dioxide in combination with ozone and an edible film coating on the preservation of strawberry was studied. A combination of 2.5% O2 with 15% CO2 was the optimum gas composition for strawberry MAP, which prolonged the shelf-life of strawberry – compared to storage in the open air – by 4~6 days. When strawberry was pre-treated with a 4.3 mg m–3 ozone water dip and an edible coating prior to packaging, the shelf-life was extended to 8~10 days. The results showed that Nos 1 and 2 treatments (No. 1: polyvinyl alcohol 134 (2%); monostearatacylglycerol (0.5%); phytic acid (0.05%); sorbitol (0.05%); sodium alginate (0.1%); absolute alcohol (8%); No. 2: polyvinyl alcohol 134 (1%); soluble starch (1%); glucose (1%); sucrose (1%); sodium alginate (0.1%); sorbitol (0.05%)) had better effects on strawberry as compared with Nos 3 and 4 treatments, and with C.K (check experiments). The contents of soluble sugar, ascorbic acid, acidity and anthocyanin of Nos 1-4 treatments were obviously superior to C.K. Furthermore, the browning index and the commodity ratio and the permeability of the cell membrane also show the same results.
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