NOTE: Physical properties of fruit and kernel of Thevetia peruviana J.: a potential biofuel plant
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Centre for Rural Development and Technology, Indian Institute of Technology, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016, India
Int. Agrophys. 2009, 23(2): 199-204
Thevetia peruviana J. is a potential biofuel crop with cosmopolitan distribution and ensuring fruit-harvest almost throughout the year. Different physical properties of fruit and kernel such as, dimensions, 1000-unit mass, surface area, spheri- city, bulk density, true density, aspect ratio and angle of repose has been determined for ease in designing structures and equipments for handling, transportation, storage and processing. The shell has higher moisture content than kernel and fruit. Oil content in the kernel is as high as 62.14% (w/w) while other parts of fruits bear negligible amount of oil. The frequency distribution of size and weight for fruit and kernel has been evaluated. The sphericity of kernel is 10.14% more and the surface area is 77.12% less than that of fruit. Bulk densities of fruits and kernels are 591.70 and 657.73 kg m-3; the corresponding true densities are 1106.68 and 942.05 kg m-3. The porosity of fruit and kernel are 46.51 and 29.82% respectively. The angle of repose of fruit is 1.75% higher than kernel.
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