Physical properties of Christmas Lima bean at different moisture content
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Department of Agricultural Machinery Engineering, Ferdowsi University, Mashhad, 9177948978, Iran
Int. Agrophys. 2012, 26(4): 341-346
Some moisture-dependent physical properties of Christmas Lima were investigated. Results of experiments on rewetted Christmas Lima bean seed showed increasing in length, width, thickness, geometric mean diameter, volume, sphericity, mass, 1 000 seeds mass, projected area and terminal velocity.Adecreasing trend for bulk density and true density was observed. Both static and dynamic coefficients of friction increased as the moisture content increased. The highest static (0.59) and dynamic coefficients of friction (0.34) were found on the rubber surface. The average rupture force, rupture deformation and rupture energy were investigated under compression loading. These characteristics were determined as functions of moisture content, compression orientations and deformation rates. At all deformation rates, rupture deformation and rupture energy of the Christmas Lima bean generally increased with increase of moisture content. Moreover, rupture force decreased for compression along the X- and Y-axis.
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