Physical properties of coriander seeds at different moisture content
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Central Institute of Post Harvest Engineering and Technology, Ludhiana - 141 004, Punjab, India
Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi - 110 114, India
Int. Agrophys. 2012, 26(4): 419-422
Physical properties of coriander seeds were determined at moisture content of 3.5-17.7%, d.b. The major axis and 1 000 seeds mass were found to decrease nonlinearly with increase in seed moisture. The medium and minor axes, geometric mean diameter, sphericity, unit volume, surface area and angle of repose increased linearly. Bulk density decreased linearly, however the true density increased non-linearly. The coefficient of static friction increased nonlinearly for different surfaces with increase in moisture level and its maximum was found for plywood surface. The rupture force and energy absorbed decreased linearly with increasing moisture content.
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